About this website and its author

This website has been, fundamentally created, to make available, openly and freely, the majority of the books, articles, papers or other texts or contributions of Fernando Fantova (or where he is a contributor or has a stake), mainly in Spanish and, occasionally, in other languages, such as Basque, English, etc.

Since the end of the 1970s, Fernando Fantova (Bilbao 1961) has been working on social intervention processes with the disabled, community development, associative movements and social policy advocacy.   He is qualified as a social educator, graduated in Philosophy and Education Sciences (psychologies), a Master’s Degree in Human Resources Development and Management and a PhD in Political Sciences and Sociology (Sociology).

From the mid 1990s, he worked as a volunteer and a freelance consultant and professional advisor, mainly in Spain and also in Latin America, in the field of managing social action organisation, the strategic development of the third sector and the social services public policies. For four years (2009-2013), Fantova held a political and public service office in the Basque Government: as Deputy Minister for Social Affairs and as the Director of an interdepartmental foundation for socio-health innovation.

His social consultancy and intervention work is currently mainly focused on strategy design and support for organisations in the public sector and voluntary sector in the sphere of welfare policies and broader social programmes, with a special interest in incorporating a community focus and knowledge-based efficient management.