Social Policy Design: a new book in Spanish

Diseño de políticas sociales

The book contains a series of timely and necessary analyses and thoughts on social policy. Its author, Fernando Fantova, has extensive experience in the field of social welfare programmes, not just as an analyst and academic of social provision theory, but also, and for many years, as a front line proponent and instigator of actions and initiatives designed to improve people’s quality of life.

The approach adopted by the book to the issues dealt with is described by the author as “universal, comprehensive and community-based”. The aim is to merge the interests of the academic and research world (focused on social policy) with those of the political and technical sphere, i.e. the world in which those responsible for adopting and implementing social policy decisions live and work.

The observations made by this sociologist from Bizkaia are particularly useful because his suggestions for improvement, which are based on well-founded, empirical evidence, are much more than a mere abstract academic exercise, however necessary said exercises may be. The ideas and thoughts presented in this book are imbued with an overriding sense of applicability and a strong dose of effective pragmatism. For this very reason, the book will be of interest not just to university lecturers and social researchers, but also to professionals working in the field of social policy planning and implementation.

(Excerpt from the prologue, written by Luis Moreno. More information: here)

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